Honorable Future Delegates,

Esteemed Colleagues,

Dearest Parents & Friends,

My name is Malak Bazid. I’m the BCMUN 2018 Conference’s Secretary General. This conference is the 5th Annual BCMUN conference. It has been a great success for the past 4 years and it will remain a great success this 5th year and hopefully onwards. As always, the goal for the conference is to give the delegates, as well as the secretariats and organisers, a memorable experience full of knowledge and development. Our honourable secretariats and organisers are trusted to provide that amazing experience for us all through dedication and hard work. The secretariats and organisers will surely cooperate and work in harmony to deliver an unforgettable BCMUN conference.

Not only are BCCIS students included in BCMUN conferences, but students from different International schools in Egypt as well. This gives all delegates a chance to explore different mindsets and make this experience full of diversity. However, everyone gets together to discuss issues concerning the world they all share together; economic, social, and political issues impacting their world massively. To help with that, we chose the theme “Press Play.” This theme was chosen because so many of said issues that are massively impacting our world are being put on hold, and it’s time to press play, brainstorm solutions, and take action. The conference will be taking place on the 1st of March to the 3rd.

Hopefully, this year’s conference gives everyone a chance to really think about all those dilemmas occurring in this world that have sadly been “forgotten” or have not had an action taken for, and critically think about the dilemmas as well as how to effectively solve them. I simply cannot wait to see you all at BCMUN’s 5th Annual Conference!


Malak Bazid,

Secretary General,

BCMUN 2018.