Honorable Delegates,

Esteemed Colleagues,

Dearest Parents & Friends,


My name is Salma Elmalt, and I’m the Secretary General of BCMUN’s 2019 conference. Our mission is to follow the steps of our precursors, and work towards achieving our vision of creating an extraordinary experience full of knowledge, enlightenment, growth, and unforgettable memories. Our efforts are fully directed to ensuring that this year’s conference exceeds all expectations, and leaves a long lasting effect on our delegates.


BCMUN provides participants with the opportunity to interact and share ideas with students from a number of different schools who share their interest in discussing issues that influence the world we live in. Our theme being “puppetry democracy”, we aim to encourage delegates to look deep beyond the surface, introduce them to the skills needed to analyze global events, detect the flaws in systems and ideologies, and brainstorm possible solutions.


We are beyond excited to meet this year’s delegates and provide them with a fruitful and memorable experience. I am looking forward to seeing the product of our hard work and dedication.



Salma Elmalt,

Secretary General,

BCMUN 2019.