BCMUN 2018

"Press Play"

Analytical skills and critical thinking are the major keys to be able to grab any dilemma head-on and brainstorm solutions to issues, especially those that have been ignored for a long time. With the theme being “Press Play,” our mission for this BCMUN conference is to instill that way of thinking and those skills in the delegates. That will ensure that they aren’t just discussing the problems, but finding effective solutions that they could actually one day bring to life and leave a positive imprint on the world.

Secretariat Team
BCMUN Cairo Conference 2018

Conference Date: Thursday 8th of March - Saturday 10th of March 2018
Venue: BCCIS Campus, 5th Settlement Section 34 Suez Road Entrance P.O Box 98 -El Sherouk City, Cairo Egypt.
Contact us: mun@bccis.ca